Wreaths for NH Veterans Cemetery

“Come with a Mission – Leave with a Memory”

Frequently Asked Questions

When we lay wreaths on veterans' graves, we say their names.

We encourage every volunteer who places a wreath on a veteran's grave to say that veteran's name aloud and take a moment to thank them for their service to our country. It's a small act that goes a long way toward keeping the memory of our veterans alive. 

We are not here to “decorate graves." We're here to remember not their deaths, but their lives.

—Karen Worcester, Executive Director of Wreaths Across America

Thank you for your interest in helping with the placement of Wreaths for Boscawen at the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery on Saturday, December 16, 2017, no matter what the weather. 

We want to remind you that when you place the wreath, you may be the first person to visit that particular grave in years, so we hope you will take time to read the stone and honor the memory of that hero. 

Here are several Frequently Asked Questions that folks have asked

What is a good time to arrive?

Opening Ceremony will start at 10:30am. The ceremony will provide some introductory remarks and a short briefing to provide basic information to volunteers. We suggest you get there by 10:15 so you don't miss out on the instructions for wreath placing.

Do I need to register to participate?

There is no other sign-up or registration required. Just show up at the designated time and place. There is also no age limit to participate. We encourage families to come together.

How can I find out where the sections you are doing are located?

Below is a link to the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery map where you view the sections, This year we will be placing wreaths in Sections 5, 6, 43 and 44 plus one at each Columbariums, Section markers and the flag poles.(Approx. 1,800 wreaths) this year

Download and print the area map if you need help in finding the sections we will be doing.

How can I sponsor a wreath – is it too late? How many wreaths will be placed in 2017?

You can make a donation for a wreath with this link. Any donations received after the event will carry over to 2018.

What if I would like to place a wreath for a loved one in the section designated or a section not designated on the map of this year’s sections?

Please note on your donation form if you would like to place your own wreath and we will make sure you are given one to do so.

Following the ceremony volunteers will start moving the wreaths into the building and tying on the bows. Volunteers will then move to the designated areas of the cemetery where they will participate in the laying of wreaths on in front of the headstones.

How are the wreaths transported out to the designated area?

Individaul trucks will transport the wreaths out to the areas where we will be placing the wreaths. We ask that everyone take their time and be safe. Please don't rush the trucks. We ask that you wait to have a wreath handed to you for placement.

Many people travel a great distance to take part in this wonderful event and we ask you to take your turn and remember why we are there, everyone deserves a chance to lay a wreath.

How should the wreath be placed?

The wreath you place should be placed below the name (should be able to see the name above the wreath) on the headstone with the red bow on top.

Again, we want to remind you that when you place the wreath, you may be the first person to visit that particular grave in years, so we hope you will take time to read the stone and honor the memory of that hero. 

I am not able to attend this year – how can I get a wreath placed for loved one?

Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire is a volunteer organization and so the only way to do grave specific placements is to depend on our volunteers who will be participating on Saturday. We cannot promise grave specific placements, but if you would like to post a note on your 2017 donation form with the specific details and locations – we have many volunteers in attendance that day who will do their best to accommodate.

Do you place a wreath on every headstone, including the ones with the Star of David?

With so many locations participating each is informed each year that our policy is to follow the direction of the Cemetery Administration (where we are guests). We also share the policy and practice at Arlington National Cemetery, where volunteers are asked to stop, pay their respects in appreciation, but to not place a wreath on the stones bearing the Star of David. The only exception is when families of the deceased request a wreath, and then their wishes are honored.

In 2012 Admiral and Rabbi Robinson spoke at Arlington about the importance of honoring our different faiths as a freedom for which our veterans serve and sacrifice.

Thank you for your concern and please know that our goal is to honor all veterans, in the most appropriate ways. So we have been reaching out to include additional voices and perspectives. The Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire will follow Wreaths Across America policy on this matter:

Wreaths Across America is all inclusive, non-partisan, and non-denominational. Here is the official Wreaths Across America policy:

Wreaths Across America is not affiliated with any religion or political view. It is our mission to Remember all the fallen, Honor their families and Teach our children about the cost of freedom. Because we are a guest at the more than 900 participating cemeteries we visit each year, we abide by each cemetery’s rules when it comes to the placement of wreaths on veterans’ headstones. At those cemeteries without a formal policy, we do not place a wreath on the headstones of those graves marked with the Star of David, out of respect for Jewish custom. We simply pause and pay our respects. The only exception is when families of the deceased request a wreath, and then their wishes are honored.

Our goal as an organization is to use this dialogue as an opportunity to share and Teach younger generations about the diversity of our American heritage, and the freedoms for which so much was sacrificed.

What other events are happening following the wreaths laying?

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) will hold a ceremony at the Circle of Flags at Noon in conjunction with Wreaths Across America. The ceremony coincides with similar ceremonies across the United States of America with placing ceremonial wreaths on the military service markers.  We invite you all to stay and support the CAP and Wreaths Across America.

Clean up volunteers are always needed too. Clean up at New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery will take place on Saturday, January TBA – 10:00AM

The Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire would like to thank you for your support.

wreaths covered with snow